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Exterior Design

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Architect and Interior Designer
Winner of seven architectural awards
Member of The American Institute of Architects (AIA)
Author of the best seller architectural book “Secrets of Sketch”
Recognized as a Top 5 Interior Design Innovators in the USA by VENTS magazine 2023
Recognized as a Top 10 Interior Designer in the USA by prestigious publications such as The Ritz Herald Magazine and The Hudson Weekly
Recognized as a Top 10 Furniture Designer in the USA by Daily Silicon Valley
Designed over 200 commercial and residential properties since 1998

I feel truly lucky to have always designed for special clients. My clients have always been successful individuals who appreciate art, beauty and quality of life. I believe the process of the interior design should be a fun and exciting experience for my clients. I take a lot of pride in my work as I have worked relentlessly to be at this point of my career where I am a proud recipient of seven awards and to have been chosen as a favorite designer for many successful and professional individuals around the world. I feel privileged and grateful to have worked with so many wonderful people who have trusted me with their projects.
Thank you for choosing me among tens of accomplished designers and allowing me to be a part of your project.
Your satisfaction and delight is ultimately the only goal I aim for.
My talented team and I are committed to make your project an unforgettable experience.

Architectural Design Process

From Concept and Dream to Construction and Reality

The architectural design process has four main design phases, each of which plays a critical role in the success of the project, and the result directly raises the value of the property.

  • Information and Requirements
  • Ideas, Concept Sketches and Analysis
  • Design and 3D Modeling (Style, Form, Details, Colors, Materials)
  • Construction and Transformation of dream to reality